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Administrative staff

Amy Osborne
Chief Financial Officer

315.624.9670 ext.3587

DSC03531 copy B.jpg

Jillian Gross
VP of Program Evaluation & Data Management

315.624.9670 ext. 2862

Jillian Gross.jpg

Kathleen Gaetano

Associate Vice President of Program Development

315.624.9670 ext. 2173

Kathleen Gaetano.jpg

Jessica Patterman
perations Manager of Quality Assurance

315.624.9670 ext. 2169

Jessica Patterman.jpg

Betsey Weaver

Human Resource Generalist

315.624.9670 ext. 2855

Betsey Weaver.jpg

Lisa Shuford

Administrative Business Partner

315.624.9670 ext.2863

Lisa Shuford.jpg

Jane Vail

Chief Executive Officer

315.624.9670 ext. 2858

Vail, Jane_9F_5x7.jpg

Danielle Martin
Executive Director Connect-Ed

Danielle Martin.jpg

Holly Crandall

Vice President of Finance

315.624.9670 ext. 2860

birthday (Poster) (8 × 10 in).png

Kelley Bennett

Divisional Director of County Programs


Kelley Bennett.jpg

Robert Sroka

Operations Manager of Employee Engagement

315.624.9670 ext. 2890

Robert Sroka.jpg

Janelle Luley
Quality Assurance Specialist


Janelle Luley.jpg

MaryBeth Amendolare
Business Operations Assistant

315.624.9670 ext. 2879

MaryBeth Amendolare.jpg

Kim Pecor
Sr. Vice President of Operations 

315.624.9670 ext. 2856


Amy Schmid

Vice President of Human Resources & Administrative Services

315.624.9670, Ext. 2857

Amy Schmid.jpg

Danielle Falzarine
Director of Care Management Agency

315.624.9670 ext.2177

Danielle Falzarine.jpg

Linda Montemurro
Operations Manager Technical Assistance and Training

315.624.9670 ext. 2859

Nicole Deveny
Systems & Training Manager

315.627.9670 ext. 2163


Jessica Tripoli
Accounting Specialist

315.624.9670 ext. 2865

Board of Directors 

board of directors

Kristen Vennero, President

Dr. Marybeth McCall, Vice President

Michael Giacobbe, Treasurer


Dr. Keith Levatino

Caroline Levitt

Caitlin McCann

Kate Weidmann

Rob Wuest

Stephen Zogby

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