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CNY HHN, Inc. Goes Pink to Support Breast Cancer Survivor Employee

On October 20th, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the employees at Central New York Health Home Network, Inc. (CNYHHN) participated in “Wear Pink Wednesdays” and wore pink in support of their co-worker, Mary Beth Amendolare, a breast cancer survivor.

According to the American Cancer Society, finding breast cancer at an early stage can increase the chances of treating it successfully. The death rate from breast cancer dropped by 41% from 1989 to 2018 as a result of earlier detection through increased awareness and mammography screening, as well as advances in treatment.

“In most cases, breast cancer is treatable with early detection. Screening and self-exams are very important,” said Amendolare. “Another vital thing is to be positive. That’s half the battle. Cancer doesn’t like when you become a warrior and fight!”

Central New York Health Home Network (CNYHHN) providing care management services since July 2013, assists high risk and high need individuals with complex combinations of chronic conditions and/or severe mental illness with Medicaid so that they can better utilize health care, social services, and community and natural supports. Their trained workforce of care managers ensures that everyone involved in a person’s care – from doctors to community service members – is working together to help create the best possible lives for people.


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